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High voltage Satic Var Generator

SVG series high voltage dynamic reactive power compensation capacitor cabinet is a reactive power compensation system with IGBT as the core. It can provide the capacitive reactive power or the inductive reactive power quickly and continuously and realize the control on the constant reactive power, constant voltage and constant power factor at the assessment point, ensuring the stable, efficient and high quality operation of the power system.
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Product description

Product description

SVG series high voltage dynamic reactive power compensation capacitor cabinet is a reactive power compensation system with IGBT as the core. It can provide the capacitive reactive power or the inductive reactive power quickly and continuously and realize the control on the constant reactive power, constant voltage and constant power factor at the assessment point, ensuring the stable, efficient and high quality operation of the power system. In a distribution network. If the small and medium capacity SVG products are installed near some special loads (such as an arc furnace, a medium frequency furnace, a refining furnace), the power quality at the connection point between the load and the public power grid can be significantly improved, such as providing of the power factor, balancing of the voltages in the three phases, suppressing of the voltage flicker as well as the voltage fluctuation, controlling of the harmonic pollution and so on.

Model description

Model description

Product features

I. Modular circuit structure

1. The core of IGBT is chain inverter based on device. Each phase of the chain inverter is composed of multiple power modules in series, and the power module adopts N + 1 or N + 2 redundant operation structure.

2. The module control adopts large-scale FPGA chip carrier phase-shifted multi-level space vector PWM control strategy, which has the advantages of simple circuit, strong anti-interference ability and high reliability.

3. The self-excitation start-up technology is used to reduce the impulse current when the device is put into operation.

4. The module panel has 4 electrical terminals,2 optical fiber terminals, simple wiring, and a number of states and fault indicators, which are convenient for maintenance and maintenance.

II. Control

1. The full digital controller MLCCON, based on three DSP and multi-FPGA is highly integrated and reliable.

2. It is possible to set the control mode on the site: The times of the system compensation or the load compensation and the load compensation harmonic;

3. The integrated switching control of multiple sets of fixed capacitors is realized by adopting the imported PLC

4. The fast instantaneous reactive current control strategy can realize the continuous and stable operation of the system in the case of short circuit fault.

5. The controller is totally enclosed and dustproof, and the fan is not needed to be cooled, so that the reliability is greatly improved.

III. Monitoring and man-machine interface

1. The local monitoring function is completed by DSP and imported PLC. The touch screen Chinese / English display interface is more reliable than the embedded industrial computer interface, and it is more suitable for the industrial field electromagnetic environment. Have

2. The display panel has the functions of DC voltage of power module, fault / bypass state of power module, output current, load current, fault display and fault recall, and can display output current waveform.

3. It is equipped with the GPRS remote interface, through the network device, the system running data, state quantity and alarm information are sent to the background server of our company by using GPRS network to realize the real-time monitoring of the field, the security and operation of the system have been determined, and the reliability and maintenability of the system operation have been improved.

IV. Parameter setting function

1. The device has a plurality of function parameter settings, and is convenient for field configuration of the running parameters of the different load objects.

2. For example, all functional parameter items are indicated in Chinese, and all functional parameters have power failure holding function (double), which can be backed up or restored as a whole.

V. UPS control power supply

1: The control power supply adopts multi-module parallel operation with DC UPS backup. When the AC control power supply is out of power, the control power supply is provided by the back of DC UPS, and the operation of the device is not affected.

VI. Electromagnetic compatibility

1: The power module and the main control system adopt the optical fiber connection, have high communication rate and anti-interference capability, and the safety is good.

Product primary system diagram

Product primary system diagram


Conditions of use

I. Working environment and conditions

a. The outdoor ambient temperature: -35℃ ~ +45℃

b. The relative humidity in the ambient air: It shall be between 20% and 90% at 40℃.

c.The atmospheric pressure: The altitude shall be 2000 meters and below.

II. The requirements for the surrounding environmental

a. Strong vibrations and shocks shall not be allowed;

b. No corrosive and destructive gases, conductive media, media which contain any explosive dangerous shall be allowed, and serious mold shall not be allowed.

Main technical parameters

1. Rated capacity: ±1Mvar- ±100Mvar.

2. Rated voltage: 6 kV, 10 kV, 27.5 kV, 35 kV;

3. System frequency: 50Hz;

4. Overload capacity: more than 120%;

5.Response time:5 ms;

6. Active power loss: ≤ 0.8%;

7. Total harmonic current distortion (THDi) ≤ 3%;

8. Control power supply: 380VAC, 220VAC or 220VDC;

9. The adjustment mode of reactive power: The automatic continuous and smooth adjustment of the capacitive reactive power and the inductive reactive power;

10. Communication interface: communication interface such as Ethernet, RS485 and CAN, high-speed optical fiber communication interface; communication protocol: support MODBUS _ RTU, Profibus, power CDT91 protocol, IEC61850-103/104, CANOPEN protocol, user-defined communication protocol.

11. Operation mode: the reactive power mode of the constant device, the reactive power mode of the constant examination point, the power factor mode of the constant examination point, the voltage mode of the constant evaluation point, the load compensation mode and the time-sharing 96 point control

12. Parallel mode: support multi-machine parallel networking operation, multi-bus comprehensive compensation, and support up to 4 sets of FC comprehensive compensation control;

13. Protection grade: the indoor type meets the IP40, and the outdoor type meets the IP44

14. Protection function: output overcurrent, system short circuit, system voltage, PT disconnection, overtemperature, water cooling failure, communication failure protection function, etc。

Operational principle

System structure

Classification of main device



Control cabinet

Switching devices
Buffer device
Data collector
Control box
Logic controller
Man-machine interface
Secondary power supply system

Switching of the main circuit
The bus buffer when the module is being charged
Acquisition of switching volume and analog data
Data processing
Logical control
Set and display of the parameters and record of the waveform


Power cabine

Power unit
Forced air cooling system

The voltage is cascaded to a specific amplitude and phase based on the signal;
Forced air cooling for the module unit

Reactance cabinet

Electric reactor

The reactive current source is connected to the grid and the current is filtered

The main circuit adopts chain topology, modular structure design, star and triangle connection mode to realize the maximum performance-price ratio under different capacities, which not only ensures the effectiveness of user investment, but also ensures the stable, efficient and high quality operation of power system. The product is mainly divided into three parts: control cabinet, power cabinet, reactor cabinet. Among them, the power cabinet realizes great unity and facilitates the expansion and stability of product capacity. The devices of each voltage level are composed of control cabinet, power cabinet and reactor cabinet (empty core reactance). The latest design enables the cooling fan to be installed directly on the top of the cabinet, which reduces the difficulty of installation and maintenance. Convenient.

1. The above dimensions are for reference only, and the details shall be subject to the real object;
2. Due to product upgrading, the contents of this manual will be updated regularly. If you need to buy or customize products, please contact the staff.

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