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Battery Energy Storage Systems

Product features: • high protection grade IP54, strong adaptability • integrated design for easy installation and maintenance • direct hanging design, high efficiency of the whole machine • automatic redundancy design, high reliability • support multi machine parallel connection, which can be quickly expanded to tens of MW
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1. Energy storage at the power generation side: load regulation, smoothing intermittent energy, improving new energy consumption, increasing the reserve capacity of the power grid, participating in peak shaving and frequency modulation.
2. Transmission and distribution energy storage: improve power quality, reduce line loss, improve the reserve capacity of power grid, improve the utilization efficiency of transmission and distribution equipment, and delay the demand for capacity increase.
3. User side energy storage: smooth load curve, load transfer, peak shaving and valley filling.
4. Emergency power supply system: it is in standby state when the power grid is normal, and it can be started when the power grid fails to ensure the continuous power supply of the load.
5. Fire power supply, emergency lighting, energy feedback, etc.


Technical parameter


The voltage 6kV~35kV±10%
Rated freguency 50Hz
Work frequency 48~50.5Hz
Rated power 2MW~100MW
Battery capacity According to the actual situation
Topological structure H-bridge cascade
THDi <3%(≥25%P)
Respond time <10ms
Charge-discharge switch time <80ms
Overload capacity

1.1 times rated current for 10min

1.2 times rated current for 1min

Power supply Multiple-way supply
Control Power 380VAC、220VAC、220VDC
Reactive power compensation Yes
Communication interface RS485、Ethernet
Communication protocol Modbus_rtu、IEC 103/104
Operation mode

Active / reactive independent control

Protection function

Short circuit protection,

Overcurrent protection,

Island protection,

Communication protection,

AC side undervoltage / overvoltage protection,

DC side overvoltage / undervoltage protection.

Multi machine parallel Support
Redundant function Support
Cooling type Air conditioning.water cooling
Installation Outdoor/Indoor
Temperature -25℃~45℃
Protection Indoor: IP20    Outdoor: IP54
Altitude Within 1000m (customizable)
Dimension(W*H*D) 2MW/2MWh(3x6058x2591x2438mm)

The above dimensions are for reference only. Please refer to the real object for details. For more specifications and dimensions, please contact the staff for confirmation.

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