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Chengdu Aritime Intelligent Control Co., Ltd was established in 2004. In addition to the high and new technology and business scope which have been inherited from Beijing Aritime Intelligent Control Co., Ltd, main business, Chengdu Aritime Intelligent Control Co., Ltd has strong professional ability and good performance in the field of industrial dust removal control system and relay protection.
This project has been carried out in cooperation with Anhui DELITER Electric Power Science & Technology Co., Ltdis the Project of reactive power compensation capacitor cabinet for the pump station in Uzbekistan. The project was based working conditions on the site of the user of Party A and it was a project which was located in a foreign country. After conducting communications with the buyer, the silicon controlled switch of the domestic well-known brand was selected. The aim was to achieve zero-crossing switching and no surge current during the switching operation. Because the user unit was a steel plant, the reactor with 7% copper was used for the purpose of limiting the hazard which may be brought about by the 5 and 7 harmonics to the capacitor. Finally it was decided to use13 low voltage dynamic reactive power compensation capacitor cabinets.

(Main cabinet)

(Auxiliary cabinet)

(The components inside the cabinet)



The project site was located in Uzbekistan. Before signing of the contract, there had not been sufficient effective communications on the style of the cabinet header, the indications on the nameplate and so on have been carried out. As the result, the customer required that all the nameplates, notes and header must be printed in Chinese and Russian. In addition, a standard template was provided. Anhui DELITER Electric Power Science & Technology Co., Ltdactively cooperated with the customer to solve the problems raised by customer in the shortest possible time, and deliver the goods on time within the specified time.
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