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MCR type high voltage dynamic reactive power compensation capacitor cabinet

The high voltage voltage regulating automatic reactive power compensation device is suitable for power system 220kv and below substations. On the basis of the system voltage as well as the reactive power, the voltage output of the self coupling transformer is automatically adjusted, and the capacitor terminal voltage is changed for the purpose of changing the capacitor output capacity. In this way, the purpose of making automatic compensation for the reactive power is achieved.
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Product description

Product description

 The MCR type high voltage dynamic reactive power compensation capacitor cabinet is suitable for the dynamic reactive power compensation for the 6-35kv bus in the 35kV, 110kV, 330kV substations. By automatically adjusting the inductive reactive power of the MCR, the power factor and reactive power demand of the system can be smoothed and stabilized; the voltage fluctuation of the system can be reduced, so the system voltage can be stabilized, the voltage flicker in the system can be reduced and the quality of the power supply voltage can be improved. This reactive power compensation capacitor cabinet is especially suitable for the occasions where quick changes in the loads are present and the required compensation accuracy is high. The MCR type high voltage dynamic reactive power compensation capacitor cabinet is widely used by the enterprise users as well as the electric enterprises which have large reactive power impact equipment such as the electric arc furnace, the rolling mill, the mine hoist, the electric locomotive, the welding machine and so on.

Model description

Model description

Product features

1: The control system adopts a multi-CPU controller based on DSP chip. It has a high reliability as well as a high stability. In addition, it has a fast operation speed and can be used to implement the complicated algorithms.

2: It adopts the modular design,so it will be possible to make flexible expansions.

3: The SCR adopts the components with a high quality, so it will be possible to obtain the power at a high voltage and perform the photoelectric triggering. It has BOD protection and therefore the system has a strong anti interference capacity and is able to carry out a reliable operation.

4: In the monitoring part, the upper monitoring computer, the man-machine display interface and other corresponding terminal devices are provided, which can carry out continuous monitoring on the power quality of the system.

6: The equipment can be directly linked to different voltage levels, i.e. 6 kV, 10 kV, 27.5 kV and 35 kV.

7: With the equipment, it will be possible to realize the control on the three phase simultaneously, the control on separate phases as well as the balanced control on the three phases.

8: On the equipment, the protection mechanisms are available such as the overvoltage protection, the overcurrent protection, the quick break protection, the two-stage overcurrent protection, the zero sequence voltage protection, the differential current protection and so on.

Product primary system diagram

Product primary system diagram

Conditions of use

I. Working environment and conditions

a. The outdoor ambient temperature: -35℃ ~ +45℃

b. The relative humidity in the ambient air: It shall be between 20% and 90% at 40℃.

c.The atmospheric pressure: The altitude shall be 2000 meters and below.

II. The requirements for the surrounding environmental

a. Strong vibrations and shocks shall not be allowed;

b. No corrosive and destructive gases, conductive media, media which contain any explosive dangerous shall be allowed, and serious mold shall not be allowed.  

Main technical parameters

1: The voltage level: 6 kV - 35 kV.

2: The dynamic response time: < 100ms.

3: The range of reactive power regulation is 0 - 100%, and the power factor will be high than 0.94 after this equipment has been used.

4: The equipment meets the requirements of the State with respect to three phase balancing function.

5: The harmonic content of the injection system meets the requirements of GB/T14549-93 as well as those of the users.

6: The voltage fluctuations and the voltage flickers of the equipment meet the requirements of the relevant national standards as well as those of the users.

7: The power supply for the control system: DC/AC220V.

8: Frequency: 50Hz.

Installation methods:

The equipment is suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors.


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