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Tianming Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. The company is a high-tech enterprise which is engaged in the production of high voltage switches and complete sets of equipment, with a registered capital of 51.68 million (yuan).
The project signed with Anhui DELITER Electric Power Science & Technology Co., Ltd is The 10kv distribution system in the overall relocation project of Fangda Changli Auto Parts Co., Ltd”. The incoming cabinet circuit breaker, the capacitor cabinet contactor, the arc protection, the live display and so on are all designated brands. This had added great difficulty to the design of the drawings in the early stage. At the same time, the required amount of technical communications with the designated component manufacturers was greatly increased. 
According to the information provided by the customer and the selected components designated by the customer, the technical team of Anhui DELITER Electric Power Science & Technology Co., Ltd has determined the corresponding technical parameters and carried out the design of the drawings. According to the determined scheme, the automatic high voltage reactive power packet compensation capacitor cabinet 2400kvar (600x4) was adopted. This scheme has met the working conditions of the on the site of the customer.
Due to the short delivery time for the customer,within more than ten days,Anhui DELITER Electric Power Science & Technology Co., Ltd has solved the problem within the shortest possible time for the customer through the cooperation of the personnel of each department at all the steps, such as designating the manufacturers for supplying all the components, designing of the drawings, confirmation of the technical parameters to workshop production. 
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